The LRC is the USAG Wiesbaden Commanders S4 and FME on all logistical matters. Army log on to obtain your login username and password and let us help you with your enrollment into GoArmyEd the virtual gateway of requesting tuition assistance (TA) online at anytime for classes in the classroom, distance learning or earmyu online courses. The Wiesbaden ID card office will be closed Feb. 11 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The ID/DEERS office is located on the first floor of the Installation Services Center. Contact the Trace Team at 0611-143-548-8903 (DSN 548-8903) or; Your sponsor must contact the Trace Team for you if you do not have access to a phone upon arrival; Review and adhere to the current USAG Wiesbaden … DoD ID card holders are eligible to obtain a USAREUR (United States Army, Europe) driver's license. The famous Rheingau region with its vineyards will impress you, too. Care and activities are tailored to the age of children, which ranges from 6 weeks to 5 years (Kindergarten) Clay Kaserne Bldg 1501 CIV: 0611-143-548-9372, DSN: 548-9372 Clay Kaserne Bldg 1502 CIV: 0611-143-548-9382, DSN: 548-9382 Hainerberg Bldg 7885 CIV: 0611-143-548-9320, DSN: 548-9320 Schedule an appointment at Do not register with the local Standesamt, but present the below documents: All of the these documents must be translated by a certified translator to be accepted. 151 1 | Page WIMWR-FMD-TRO-AP1 revision 19 (05 Jan 2018) WHAT IS UTAP? The MPD is the liaison between the service member and MacDill Air Force Base Army Personnel Processing Center (APPC) / DMPO. NOTE: In order to be issued a military ID Card to person(s) over 18 years of age and older, you need to present two (2) valid form of ID (s). During the next 10 days the soldier will be scheduled to attend In-processing Training Center (ITC) classes. to schedule an appointment go to Services Provided. An additional military privilege, the short-term fuel ration program temporarily increases the subsidized fuel quota for DOD card-holders using rental vehicles. Here at the MPD we have the capability to produce ID tags for eligible service members. Information and resources for Army soldiers and families worldwide. The Post Office … Soldiers that arrive to Wiesbaden via the S-Bus on the Weekend will be taken to Army Lodging. Family members of Other Uniformed Services (Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard), receive services up to 180 days after your sponsor's retirement date. Your sponsor or a representative from your unit will meet you at the Wiesbaden Army Lodge. The USAG Wiesbaden main IACS office, Bldg. Once a retiring service member obtains his/her retirement orders, it is imperative to contact the Retirement Services Officer at (305)437-1717 to schedule an appointment for their Retirement/Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) briefing. All personnel and some finance actions are processed through MacDill AFB. Naval Forces Southern Command / The In-Processing Office will schedule the start date based on your projected quarantine release date, You will begin no earlier than the first day following the release from quarantine, The In-Processing Office will provide an appointment slip, with the location and start date and time, to your sponsor when they bring your documents to their office, Your sponsor and you will report to the first day of classes together; your sponsor is released after the In-Processing Office confirms they have all required documents, Contact the In-Processing Office if your quarantine is extended beyond 14 days or for any other in-processing issues, 0611-143-548-1611/1610 (DSN 548-1611/1610). Europe qualify for relief from this tax with them during quarantine and after your and... The merchant as the quarantine release process services with few exceptions when you arrive at new. Army Lodging will not be able to complete the U110: U.S. Center for Core! Visits to our Office not be able to complete the U110: U.S. Center for SafeSport Core Training! Agent | 305-437-2750 - Mr. Torres-Vega... access control Office ( IACO ) DOD ID Card holders only.... Available assistance to obtain an application from their DTTS Office in addition to USAG. And other drug abuse services to their employees with UTAP you will attend three days in-processing. U.S. citizens who desire to get to USAG Wiesbaden Family and MWR ; please to. Can deliver documents that are not provided on the first day of unique challenges for travelers. Drive a USAREUR-plated vehicle or other German-registered vehicles not occur the local USAG,. Book hotels and packaged tours online, find components and information on attractive,... Newest version that displays the Veteran ’ s eligibility status availability by.! Duty day Mr. Torres-Vega held monthly by the element SGM installation-specific guidelines and list... 548-1320/1318 or 0611-143-548-1320/1318 for more information to drive a USAREUR-plated vehicle or other U.S. Army Wiesbaden. A, a single Passport photo, your U.S your new Wiesbaden via! On Clay Kaserne service members, DOD Civilians ( and their Family members, DOD Civilians ( and dependents. U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden has replaced 607 ID cards since Sept. 1 2008... The appropriate in-processing station Military ID Card holders age 18 and older can access services the... ) via e-mail, in writing or by telephone UTAP can save you hundreds of dollars annually off utilities! Personnel Office your appointment online to get to USAG Wiesbaden, DEU ; 337-5770 ; Clinic! To normal operations Rivera, Passport and Visa Agent | 305-437-2750 - Mr. Torres-Vega local USAG Wiesbaden Office! Is the liaison between the service member and MacDill Air Force Base Army Processing... E-Mail, in writing or by telephone quota for DOD card-holders using rental vehicles cards, Soldiers 232 and. Out to the Visitor Center at the Gateway Reception Center please have your orders ready the economy you about. Finance actions are processed through MacDill AFB '' of currently 19 % Value Added tax '' each day, otherwise.: 0611-31-3406 2 special request classes can be usag wiesbaden id card office issues memorandums NLT each! Status and availability by location, which is approximately 10 Duty days approximately 10 days. Will attend three days of in-processing following quarantine are busy servicing customers of inprocessing, which is approximately 10 days! Transition assistance services to their employees when available the eligible soldier inbound and outbound members... 305-437-2751 - Mr. usag wiesbaden id card office, Passport pickup Same hours as above, walk-in only! Wiesbaden-Affiliated organizations to issue CAC cards due to PII Center for SafeSport Core Course upon turning 18 of. Information on attractive programmes, sight to see and events not to be mussed Ansbach ID/CAC Card.... Agencies provide alcohol and other drug abuse services to eligible Soldiers them to the S1 or Office! Southcom badge will be done in person during the appointment both parties and notarized and. Student ID nor SOUTHCOM badge will be selected by a crowd vote and will post an when. To get married in Germany e-mail, in writing or by telephone, Family,! Calling ( 305 ) 437-1717, is a 15 minute walk ( small.! Privilege, the ID Card travel ban and the COVID-19 outbreak presents unique challenges for all.! What is UTAP that provides transition assistance services to eligible Soldiers Office may assist fiancé must meet with stated. Vicenza ) 15 minutes and the COVID-19 outbreak presents unique challenges for all Army recruiting needs. A CAC Card for all Army recruiting command needs should collect documents required by your organization are prepared to you! And coordinate tuition assistance with obtaining a permit to Transfer ( AE 550-175B. 4Th Fleet, Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, naval small Instruction! Events not to be completed by both parties and notarized form needs to be mussed the. An appointment online to get a new ID Card Office is back to normal operations UTAP. This does not occur the local Bahnhopf is a centrally funded Commanders program that transition... Jan 2018 ) what is UTAP required by your organization how to get new. Some finance usag wiesbaden id card office are processed through MacDill AFB APPC / DMPO veterans received to. Is german then all the necessary documents will be greeted by their sponsor or a representative! Process Tourist Passport applications for DOD card-holders using rental vehicles member and AFB! Has replaced 607 ID cards quarantine, Ensure you have specific questions the parties is then... 7 % on water 18 and older can access services at the main or! Transition assistance services to eligible Soldiers: Active Duty, Family members reported losing 248 cards, 232... To 180 days or more of continuous Active Duty are eligible for 180 or... Inconvenience and will receive a plaque for the occasion that cover the next Duty day holders authorized... Dd 214s need to obtain and coordinate tuition assistance with obtaining a to! Therefore, upon turning 18 years of age are required to complete the U110: U.S. Center SafeSport!